Banking on Cooperative Values
Banking on Cooperative Values
Banking on Cooperative Values
Banking on Cooperative Values

A space to raise awareness about the positive impact cooperative and popular banks have on society. Our community has a pioneer spirit that puts us in the edge of an innovative business model and an inclusive decision making. That’s what inspires all of our members. Through storytelling videos shared from all members, we aim to bring our associates, future associates and strategic partners closer to what we believe and want to achieve.

30th CIBP Congress

Cooperative banks, actors of transition

The Congress follows a 1.5 days program in Paris on 2-3 November which is designed by and for our international cooperative banking members by highlighting four engaging working sessions on the topics:

Sustainability, Membership Relationships, Regulation and Digitalization.

To look at our Congress program, please click on the picture (left).

For more information about our event, please visit our 30th CIBP Congress website

(Re)Discover 140 years of BANQUE POPULAIRE history

Faithful to their roots and their cooperative values

The first Banque Populaire banks were born more than 140 years ago when local entrepreneurs, craftsmen and traders, then excluded from banking circuits, came together to build their own financing instruments, by creating banking cooperatives inspired by humanist and mutualist movements. which were developing in Europe.
Over the course of their history, the Banque Populaire banks have become an essential link in the local economic fabric, always committed to those who undertake business. Today, they are still the leading bank for SMEs. Faithful to their roots and their cooperative values, they have been able to uphold and defend their cooperative model throughout their history.

BANCO CREDICOOP: We are different

Holding 2 essential values: Democracy and  Efficiency

BANCO CREDICOOP Cooperativo Limitado is, since its origin, a genuine cooperative organization. As a non-profit institution, the bank is based on the solidarity principle of mutual aid, aims to provide financial services to all its Associates. Today,  with 276 Branches and 13 service centers throughout the country, CREDICOOP is the first private bank with 100% national capital.

CREDICOOP is associated in Argentina with the Mobilizing Institute of Cooperative Funds and with ABAPPRA (Association of Public and Private Banks of the Argentine Republic). It is also a member of the ICA (International Cooperative Alliance) and the CIBP (International Confederation of Popular Banks).

DZ BANK explained in short

At the service of the cooperative principle

DZ BANK is Germany’s second largest bank – and many people don’t know about it?! Thankfully, it’s not quite so bad, but we do see a need for an explanation. So: What is DZ BANK? Who is it owned by? What does it do and what role does it play within the cooperative financial group? Simple answers in around two minutes.

BVR - The National Association of German Cooperative Banks' 50 years

Working for one other and for tomorrow – 50 years of the BVR

The National Association of German Cooperative Banks (BVR) was established in Bonn on January 3, 1972. Today, the association is headquartered in Berlin, with additional offices in Bonn and Brussels. This year, the cooperative umbrella organization celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding. We aim to mark this milestone throughout the year, sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly, often reflecting on the past. But always looking to the future. This site provides tremendous insights into the past, present, and future of the BVR (Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken).

BPCE Group in 2022

BPCE is the group’s principal issuer and the only issuer of financial instruments eligible as regulatory capital.

Discover Groupe BPCE and its brands: Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, Natixis Investment Managers, Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, Banque Palatine, Casden, Crédit Coopératif, and Oney… in less than 3 minutes! 

Groupe BPCE is the second-largest banking group in France. Through its 100,000 staff, the group serves 36 million customers – individuals, professionals, companies, investors and local government bodies – around the world. It operates in the retail banking and insurance fields in France via its two major networks, Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne, along with Banque Palatine and Oney. It also pursues its activities worldwide with the asset & wealth management services provided by Natixis Investment Managers and the wholesale banking expertise of Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking. The Group’s financial strength is recognized by four financial rating agencies: Moody’s (A1, stable outlook), Standard & Poor’s (A, stable outlook), Fitch (A+, negative outlook) and R&I (A+, stable outlook).

BANQUE POPULAIRE MAROC presents Ali & Brahim

The 80s

Ali and Brahim, cartoon characters directly inspired by the characters of Atérix and Obélix, marked the minds of Moroccans during the 1980s. They were the main vector of communication for the Banque Populaire and had greatly contributed to “popularizing » the institution « bank » and its products with the population.

This saga had obtained the first international prize for financial advertising, ahead of European and American productions, Great Britain, Japan and many other the time…

Banque Populaire played in this way, the image of proximity and openness to all components of the population in a market suffering from underbanking.

And it was not just the prices at the advertising festivals that were on the agenda, the Banque Populaire had strengthened its leadership position thanks to better penetration and a greater number of account openings than its competitors. 

And it refers above all to a period when the entry ticket into the television medium was minimal: the cost of 30 seconds in 1989, in prime time, was around 2500 dhs… In the space of twenty years, it has been multiplied by more than 25 times.

Our audiovisual landscape today needs this creativity and originality so badly as the nostalgia for innocence the spontaneity of the time reminds us our roots.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories.

SICOOB - The beauty of Numbers


We know that 2020 was a year of great challenges.
But, with everyone’s cooperation and union, we achieve inspiring results. Numbers are so beautiful and important that they even turned into poetry, told in our film by the poet and writer Ryane Leão.
For you to continue believing, then, get to know these Numbers that are moving.

SICOOB’s sustainability report  

CIBP Ambassadors' month of August


Every month, on a volunteer basis, we invite you to tune in with suggestions or a picture story for our publication. And if you do not submit one, that’s cool, we will catch up the next month.

Thank you for nourishing our community by sharing what is happening in your world. Your experiences can inspire Others. 

When you do some good work and if it inspires others, then you have just created the ripple effect.
― Mohith Agadi

SICOOB supports disadvantaged communities by banking the unbanked

October 2019

Learn about the inspiring story of how Sicoob developed a sense of belonging and a better future for the community of Cridimonte in Brazil. This is a true story of the power of cooperatives and their capacity to transform peoples’ life and empower local communities

SICOOB | Credichapada

APRIL 2018

Discover the programme of Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Financial Education developed by SICOOB Cridichapada in Brazil. The main goal of the programme is the creation of Cooperatives Schools to teach students entrepreneurial skill and cooperative values

CPH | Banque supports local entrepreneurs

APRIL 2018

Inspiring testimony of a Belgium local company dedicated to sell Italian products and how CPH banque supported their plans to develop and grow.

DZ BANK is Germany’s second largest bank – and many people don’t know about it?! Thankfully, it’s not quite so bad, but we do see a need for an explanation. So: What is DZ BANK? Who is it owned by? What does it do and what role does it play within the cooperative financial group? Simple answers in around two minutes.