Banking on Cooperative Values
Banking on Cooperative Values
Banking on Cooperative Values
Banking on Cooperative Values

A platform to connect CIBP member’s executives and experts in order to fire up meaningful discussions on technological innovation, innovative projects and social purpose. Any member can create a SPARK, a 33min online meeting in which the CIBP team will connect you with other peers and experts on the topic you propose. A SPARK is the best way to share ideas, projects and knowledge within our cooperative community


Desjardins Group shared with us the initiatives they are taking to promote diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Diversity and Inclusion at Desjardins it is an important matter for a number of reasons: to be a representative of their community and clients; facing a social portrait in constant evolution; workforce shortage tends to become a permanent reality on the job market; organizations with a culturally diversified workforce are 35% more likely to deliver a superior performance.

Conscious of the women challenges, Desjardins Group shared with us the programs they implemented to propel female leadership within the organization. 

Guest speaker: Marc-André Malboeuf

Vice-President HR

Desjardins Group, Canada

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Coopeuch shared with the CIBP community their experience in organizing for the first time the Cooperathon in Chile: the largest Social Open Innovation Competition in the world. The event took place in Valparaiso during October and November 2019.

The competition addressed 3 main themes in line with the sustainable development objectives set by the United Nation:

-Finances: for inclusive, accessible and responsible finances

-Health: for an accessible and sustainable health system

-Environment: for a sustainable environment and protection of biodiversity.

A diving travelin 5 sprints:

Inspired by the famous Google Design Sprint, the Cooperathon participants took part in a 25 days marathon in order to understand, design and build a project related to sustainable finances, heath or environment.
The activity culminated with the “Grand Final”, at the center of the Cooperathon experience, in which they will develop the projects with the greatest social impact in Chile.

Guest speaker: Carlos Orella

Planning and Experience Manager

Coopeuch, Chile

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As the PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) becomes implemented, banks’ monopoly on their customer’s account information and payment services is about to disappear. In short, PSD2 enables bank customers, both consumers and businesses, to use third-party providers to manage their finances.

While such a Directive is already a reality in Europe, there are other regions in the world, like in Latin America, that are likely to follow with regulations largely inspired in the PSD2.

The Spark covered the implication of such a Directive in Europe and how Coop Banks have been preparing for its implementation. 

To think:

1. How was the process of preparing for PSD2 implementation

2. What are the implication in data protection

3. How PSD2 affects payment services providers

 Guest speaker: Mathieu Desmet

Chief Information Officer

CPH Bank, Belgium; 


Innovation departments are increasingly an important element within banking organizations as digital disruption is at the forefront of today’s business.

Taking the insights from Volksbank Wien AG, we discussws their way of innovation and how they put customer experience at the center of their innovation process. 

To think:

1. We do change the perspective of how we look on our services!

2. There is a reason to also involve the whole organization into the change!

3. Metrics are key!

4. Some experiences of how this work for us!

 Guest speaker: Horst Weichselbaumer-Lenck

Volksbank Wien AG 


Innovation Labs are increasingly an important element within banking organizations as digital disruption is at the forefront of today’s business.

Taking the insights from DZ Bank AG, we discussed what’s an Innovation Lab and why organization should care about it. We also discussed what are the expectations of this labs, how does it work and its relation with other departments and organization inside the German cooperative system. 

To think:

1. Digitalization in DZ Bank AG

2. Innovation in the Cooperative Finance Group

3. Strategic Innovation Management

4. Innovation Radar Platform

5. Ideation Formats and Agile Working Methods

 Guest speaker: Patrick steiner

DZ Bank AG Innovation Lab


Understanding what’s driving the big changes in management scenario and how leaders can create more responsive organizations in a era that the biggest changes are yet to come. 

To think:

1. How to turn my organzation more responsive/adaptable?

2. How to create an agile culture?

3. Which organizations already work with this new paradigm?

 Guest speaker: Pedro Nascimento


CEO of MIT Sloan Management Review Brazil and Education Director at the Conscious Capitalism Brazilian Chapter. Co-founder of Grupo Anga, a holding company of conscious and self-managed companies, combining people and technology development 


 It is critically important to know how cyber criminals target their victims, what you can do to reduce the risk and make it more challenging for the attackers who steal your information, your identity or your money. This session explains how outside attackers or malicious insiders can exploit vulnerabilities using examples such as a compromised email account password that escalates into a full-blown breach of network security

To think:

1. How cybercriminals target their victims

2. What you can do to reduce your risk and prevent abuse of your critical information assets

 Guest speaker: Joseph carson

Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO

Joseph Carson has more than 25 years of experience in entreprise security, an InfoSec award winner, author of Privileged Account Management for dummies and Cyberscurity for es. He is a CISSP and an activemember of the cybercommunity, speaking at cnferences globally. He’s a cybersecurity advisor to several governments, as well as critical infrastructure, financial, and maritime industries.         

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