Connected intelligence

Our Mission

CIBP’s mission is to offer cooperative banks an international learning forum and business network to enhance their collaboration and to contribute even more to the economic and social well-being of their members and regions and, in particular, to the prosperous development of self-employed persons and entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

CIBP’s plays a strategic role in strengthening the cooperative practices and promoting the distinctive advantages of its member banks. CIBP aspires to establish a global network of cooperative banks to support the development of the cooperative business model.

Our Values

Democratic Governance, Development of the Community, Long term business model, Independence to protect the autonomy of the bank, Sustainability, Ethical behaviour, Profit sharing, Financial Inclusion, Cooperative corporate culture, Solidarity.

Our History

CIBP celebrated in 2020 its 70th anniversary.

In 1949, Pierre Montfajon (President of Crédit Populaire de France) had a European vision of the role that the Banques Populaires could play and in June 1950 the International Confederation of Crédit Populaire Charter was signed in Saint-Malo (France) by six founding countries(Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) who praise for a peaceful Europe and believe in the principles of cooperation.

At the same time, the European Coal and Steel community begins to unite European countries economically and politically in order to secure lasting peace.

In 1952, CIBP was recognized by the United Nations (UN)*, whose mission is to provide cooperative and popular banks an international learning forum and a business network that promotes the development of the cooperative business model.

CIBP collects through the years a human experience; its presence at different times in the history of its members contributes to fruitful projects and awarenesses.

* During its session of April 8, 1952, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations decided to include CIBP in the register of the UN Secretary General department.

On the proposal of the Committee responsible for non-governmental organizations, the Council, during its meeting of April 6, 1953, granted the INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION of CREDIT POPULAR, a consultative status.

This decision gives CIBP an official character, on an international level, as the authorized representative of Banking Establishments, more specifically responsible for providing effective assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises as well as to Craftsmen and to be the messenger of their needs to major international authorities.

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