Day 1

CIBP’s Reason of Being and Mission by Valeria Rutgers (Secretary General of CIBP, Belgium)

Future of Cooperativism by Lionel Baud (President of BP Aura and Vice-President of FNBP, France), Marco Aurélio Almada and Valeria Rutgers

Presidents Round Table: Soumia Alami Ouali (Head of Group Human Capital and Group Communication at Banque Populaire du Maroc), Jan Tibor Böttcher (Head of Division at BVR, Germany), Alain Declercq (CEO Banque CPH, Belgium), Carlos Heller (President of Banco Credicoop, Argentina), Siria Jeldes Chang (President of COOPEUCH, Chile)

Facing Transitions by Gillian Tett (US of the Financial Times, FT Awarding-winning Journalist)

Digitalization: Fireside chat with Diego Ciblis (Head of Conversational Banking & AI at Technisys, Uruguay)

Digitalization: How to use AI and cybersecurity to make commercial payments safe by Rigo Van Den Broeck (Mastercard, Belgium)

Digitalization: Ronny Ramirez García (Vice President of Operations and Technology, Banco Cooperativo Coopcentral, Colombia)

Digitalization: Kerstin Manser (Deputy Department Director, DZ BANK, Germany), Bastian Stahl (Senior Consultant Digitalization & Innovation, DZ BANK, Germany)

Digitalization: Edson Lisboa (Information Systems Executive Superintendent at SICOOB, Brazil)

Digitalization: Panel discussion with Ronny Ramirez García, Kerstin Manser, Bastian Stahl and Edson Lisboa

Cooperative Banks in the Loop of the Regulator with Edouard Fernandez-Bollo (Member of the Supervisory Board at the European Central Bank) and Gillian Tett

Day 2

Opening Speech: Nicolas Namias (CEO of BPCE, France)

From Rio to Paris: A Tribute to the Cooperative Values with Marie Barsacq (Executive Director of Impact and Legacy Paris 2024, Organizing Committee for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games), Benoit Gausseron (Head of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Groupe BPCE), and Coraline Vitalis (Athlete fencer from the BRED Banque Populaire team)

Regulation: Keynote Speech by Otávio Ribeiro Damaso (Director of Regulation at the Central Bank of Brazil)

RegulationPanel Discussion with Otávio Ribeiro Damaso, Mikael Petitjean (Non- Executive Board Member and Risk Committee Member of Banque CPH, Belgium), Eric Lamarque (Director of the Master of Finance and Governance Research Group at Sorbonne’s Graduate Business School IAE Chair) and Rodrigo Silva Iñiguez (CEO of COOPEUCH, Chile)

Digitalization: Elevator pitch with Michael Migendt (Associate Director of Innovation & Digitalisation at DZ BANK, Germany)

Digitalization: Elevator pitch with Edson Lisboa (Information Systems Executive Superintendent at SICOOB, Brazil)

Membership Relationship and Partnerships: Keynote Speech by Austin Brown (President of C&WJCCU, Jamaica)

Membership Relationship and Partnerships: Ranny Galli (National Marketing Manager at SICOOB, Brazil)

Membership Relationship and Partnerships: Guillaume de Sazilly (Head of MINI France at BMW Group France)

Membership Relationship and Partnerships: Guilllermo Torres (COO at the African Leadership University, Rwanda)

Membership Relationship and Partnerships: Panel Discussion with Ranny Galli, Guillaume de Sazilly, Guilllermo Torres

Keynote Speech by Thierry Marx (Renowned French Chef and early proponent of molecular gastronomy)

Sustainability: Keynote Speech by Philippe Zaouati (CEO of Mirova, France)

Sustainability: The Loan Process & Sustainable Transition in Germany by Tariq Noori (Head of Group Strategy & Sustainability at DZ BANK, Germany)

Sustainability: ESG & Data Governance by Emanuelle Moraes (Citizenship & Sustainability Manager at SICOOB, Brazil)

Sustainability: Exchange of visions and ideas between Cyril Brun (CEO of Banque Populaire du Sud, France) and Guy Cormier (CEO of Desjardins Group, Canada)